Pray without Ceasing: Ask, Seek, Knock

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We are members of Christ Community Church of San Diego who are committed to praying. This is our prayer group. A place where we identify prayer that is needed, learn about prayer, and share our experiences of the Holy Spirit at work. And, it’s the place where we all can pray together, even if we have just five minutes a day. All church members are welcome and encouraged to join. Prayer requests can be made by posting here or by sending an email to If you are unsure of how to write a prayer request, please contact Diane, our Prayer Pastor, at for help with composing your prayer. If you post a prayer request, please use the person's last initial in the post, not the entire last name. Christ Community Church of San Diego reserves the right to edit prayer requests if needed for length, spelling, grammar or (rarely the case) when the prayer is inappropriate. Prayers will be posted up to 30 days. Updates can be added in the comments. If you would like an update to continue, please create a new post.